NMRC | Refinance Rate : 9.5%

The steps to buying a home through mortgage

Þ   Start your research early

Þ   Determine your preferred location

Þ   Determine the price you can afford for a house

Þ   Get pre-qualified (reviewed by a mortgage broker or lender)

Þ   Find the Right Real Estate agent or Developer

Þ   Shop for your home, negotiate and put in an offer

Þ   Once the seller accepts your offer, get the home inspected

Þ   Make sure you have the legal documents to the home – title.

Þ   Identify and NMRC mortgage bank and apply for a mortgage loan

Þ   Work with the mortgage banker to formalise your loan

Þ   Agree interest rates, tenor, amortisation schedule, etc.

Þ   Coordinate the paperwork (execute purchase agreements)

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