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What’s the best option to home acquisition? (Buying fully developed or buying off-plan?)

There are pros and cons to each of the two options. Buying a completed property already listed on the market allows for quicker purchase decision and indeed mortgage decision. It also allows for your immediate occupation of the home once the mortgage negotiations have been finalised. The downside is that you are often forced to pay the full price completion and you may not be able to upgrade with the finishes you prefer.

Buying off-plan on the other hand, or simply buying a home before the construction starts presents an opportunity to buy cheaper with options as regards payment and even home finishes. This option as attractive as it appears also comes with its drawbacks as off-plan purchase schemes have been abused by unqualified developers.

The key to engaging in such schemes is the review the background of the developers/promoters for track record and qualitative experience before subscribing to an off-plan scheme 9as the saying goes “if an offer is too good to be true it probably is”.

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